Shiksha Bharati Public School

Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi -110077


The School provides separate well furnished hostels for both boys and girls coming from different states and countries with adequate infra structural facilities and experienced residential wardens and nurse who take utmost care to provide a friendly, homely and congenial environment to all the residential students. Delicious, hygienic, nutritious meals and refreshments are provided. The hostel rooms are well lit and ventilated. The students have independent study tables and lockers. Recreational facilities like T.V, Video, Computer Games and other indoor games are provided in each hostel apart from a fully equipped modern gymnasium in the campus.


The Following boarding rules are applicable to every student enrolled as boarder:- 

1. Student admitted to the boarding must report one day before the school reopens. In Cases beyond control, parents must intimate the hostel warden in advance with proper reason. Students will be allowed to go home during summer vacation only, for other holidays written request from the parents is required. 

2. No boarder is allowed to attend any place of entertainment, restaurant etc., without the written permission of the hostel warden.

3. No boarder is allowed to stay in the hostel during the school hours. Sick leave can be granted only after getting approval from the hostel nurse/ warden and the boarder must then be in the infirmary.

4. Parents are advised not to provide children with costly mobile phones & other valuable. The school will not take responsibility for the loss of such articles. No transistor, cassette player, electric iron or any other electrical gadgets are permitted in the dormitory. 

5. All boarders must take proper care of the school property such as furniture, mattress, electric equipment etc. Any accidental damage or loss of property should be reported at once to the dormitory master/ warden/ hostel supdt. Offenders will have to make good the damage at his own cost.  

6. Boarders should report on time for assembly, study, games, meals & roll calls, those arriving late should report to the duty master giving reason for being late. All boarders will follow the time schedule strictly.

7. One month notice is required if a student wishes to leave the boarding. 

8. Smoking, chewing gum, paan, narcotics, alcholic, beverages and using swear words/ bad language etc. is strictly prohibited in the campus. Any boarder indulging in such activities will be suspended from the hostel. 

9. The boarders are responsible for the upkeep of rooms, lockers, tables & their belonging kept in the rooms.

10. Please get the receipt for any payments made to the school authorities. Any claim from parents side will be entertained only after showing the receipts for the same.

11. Please note that all rules mentioned in the school diary apply to boarders & these rules are subject to change without prior notice. A boarder whose conduct is found unsatisfactory will be asked to leave the boarding.