Shiksha Bharati Public School

Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi -110077


Where Dreams are Realized

An idea-Shiksha Bharati Nursery School is the realization of dream, an idea born out of the urge to be worthy, to contribute something meaningful to the society. Nothing better than preparing the future citizens for a better tomorrow. The tiny tots learn in an informal way with the help of specially designed apparatus under the supervision and guidance of trained and experienced teachers. 

They learn as they Play

  • A stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere.
  • Students are encouraged to develop their inquisitive nature so that they can understand the world better in which they live.
  • Students are encouraged to enhance their coordination and creative skills.
  • Children are exposed to pictorial information books, audio-visual programmes which excite their interest in learning.
  • Children are not burdened with much homework and are evaluated through their day to day work and performance in academics and various curricular and co-curricular activities. 

Enlightening Minds. Enriching Soul- The Philosophy

Give me a child for the first 5 years and you may do what you like with him afterwards. The quote completely defines our philosophy. Special attention is paid to facilitate the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the child through a series of well coordinated activities. 

Teacher-Student Relationship

The teaching staff is extremely gentle, loving and patient. The staff ensures that the young busy bodies stay cheerful & stimulated during the school hours. 

Learning in the playground

Playground is not just a place for recreation but also a well planned learning ground where even the simplest of games are conducted in a planned and scientific way, and where the child learns the desired skills, values and qualities. 

Creativity in Various fields

To bring out the sensitive & creative sides of the children, a comprehensive system of instruction in arts and crafts has been developed by expert tutors. This helps in enhancing coordination and analytical abilities during the formative years. 

Time For Fun !

To provide the students with fun, enjoyable & interesting learning environment the school organises picnics & fun days. They are taken to natural spots or any other live place where they can have fun  learn on their own during the process. 
The idea is to inculcate qualities of leadership, self-reliance, discipline and a sense of responsibility. On Wednesday children are allowed to come in civil dress and they are left free to do different activities under the supervision of teachers. 

Good Health For All

To ensure that every child is properly attended in case of any incident of an injury or illness, a medical room has been provided in the campus. Qualified nurse examines the children from time to time and gives tips to stay fit. Children are encouraged to keep their surroundings neat and clean and to take hygienic food and a balanced diet etc.